East – half day

Trip Description

A boat trip to East. A shorter trip towards Loutro.

Middle, optionally Stops 

  • Cave (sightseeing)
  • Lissos beach. A secluded beach with a nearby non-organized archaeological site.
  • Sougia beach. Organised beach.
  • A surprise cold bath in the middle of nowhere.
  • Can be extended to Tripiti beach if there is time. In this case you have to skip a previous stop.
  • Can add and visit Gialiskari beach on return. However, it is nearby Paleochora and you may visit the beach by car (a dirty road, in a good condition though). In this case you have to skip a previous stop.

The duration is approx 4hours. It might be extended (it depends on the season and by upcoming tours. Please ask in advance). Please note that there is no dock  at secluded beaches, so we stop near the coast. There is dock  at organised beaches.

Top notes, why to choose us

  • Timing. We offer ways to avoid mass tourism and crowded places.
  • Tips and secrets: Our captains are local experts with extensive knowledge of the area. They can suggest the best places to visit.
  • Personalized boat trips tailored to your needs.
  • Cabin to our boats. In case of a nap.

Tips, useful

  • Since it is a private trip, schedule is flexible. As time flies (especially when we have a nice time), please use time wisely. The captain suggests, according to your needs. It is good to trust his advices.

Additional notes

  • We provide basic snorkeling equipment for free such as masks e.t.c.
  • The captain usually has soft drinks and water on the boat. However, it is highly recommended to bring your own food and drinks as well. Our boats have a refrigerator onboard.
  • There is a small cabeen with 2 very small beds. Useful to change clothes etc. If any child or older need some nap, you may go for it (no linen provided). Please note these cabin rules and regulations. The main one is that it is not allowed to enter wet.
  • If any child or older person needs to take a nap, you may use the cabin (no linen is provided). Please note the cabin rules and regulations, the main one being that it is not allowed to enter the cabin while dry and wet.
  • Further extension of time is possible upon request, depending on upcoming trips. If possible, there may be a small extra charge per waiting hour.
  • There is a dock available only at organized beaches.
  • On the return, you can add a visit to Gialiskari beach. However, Gialiskari is nearby Paleochora and you can also visit the beach by car via a dirt road (in good condition tho).
  • Please note that our boat is not suitable for people with special needs. Kindly let us know in advance.


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