The most affordable private trip – Vienna +1

Trip Description

A short boat trip to the west, visiting Vienna Beach and one more beach.

The true essence of a boat trip lies not the popularity of destination.

You will enjoy the sea, the sun, a beautiful secluded beach that is hard to reach by other way, and a wonderful scenic view.
All of this aboard a fast and comfortable boat, where you can relax, sun protected under the tent, often taking swims and easily accessing the boat.
This is a fantastic combination, offered at the most affordable cost: 180 Euros for a private trip with 2 people, or 240 Euros for a private trip with 4 people.

About the place

The small cove known as Vienna Beach (also referred to as Krios Lake) can only be reached on foot (a 30+ minute walk) or by boat.
Vienna Beach is not organized
It used to be an ancient Hellenistic site and served as a safe harbor due to its location and natural protection from winds. Ancient marble columns are scattered around the beach and even underwater. It is a very quiet place with shallow waters that resembles a lake.
Vienna Beach is located on the European Footpath E4, which connects Paleochora and Elafonissi

Locals who own boats greatly prefer Vienna Beach because of its short distance, wind-protected location, and peaceful atmosphere. Sometimes, it feels like a private beach.

Need to know

Please note that there is no dock/marina. Nothing there than nature.
The boat can reach near the coast, put anchor and you have to jump a bit from the boat, at a depth around 2.5 mt.

The trip

The duration is approximately 3 hours, but it may be extended depending on the season and upcoming tours. Please inquire in advance.
We can also visit and spend some time at Grammeno Beach or Psilos Volakas Beach. These places are on the way to Vienna Beach, so there is no additional cost.
The destination is en route to Kedrodassos and Elafonissi. If you wish, we might be able to upgrade for a small extra cost, which includes an additional hour (or more) of duration.

Pros of this trip:

  • The most affordable private trip, starting at 180 Euros for 2 people on a 3-hour private excursion
  • Stunning natural beauty.
  • Great at any time you visit; it’s never too busy.
  • Great snorkelling spot.
  • If you choose the evening slot, you enjoy the sunset from the boat as you return to Paleochora.”

Top reasons to choose us

  • Comfortable boats, speedy.
  • Friendly and experienced captains, driving and act to make you comfortable and safe.
  • Sunset late evening trips: Experience the beauty of the sunset while returning to Paleochora.

Tips, useful

  • There are no umbrellas or sunbeds, just nature and a single large tree providing natural shade
  • There is no dock or marina; the boat can approach the coast, drop anchor, and you’ll need to take a small jump from the boat into water approximately 2.5 meters deep.
  • There are two more beautiful beaches on the way to Vienna beach, named Grammeno beach and Psilos Volakas beach. Since they are located nearby, easile accessible, so we strongly recommend visiting them by car. However, if you wish to visit one of them, during our tour, we will be glad to accommodate your request.
    Just make sure to manage your time wisely. The captain suggests, you decide.

Additional notes

  • We provide basic snorkeling equipment for free, such as masks, etc.
  • The captain usually has soft drinks and water on the boat. However, it is highly suggested to bring your own food and drinks as well. Our boats have a refrigerator.
  • Further extension of time is possible upon request, depending on upcoming trips. If possible, there may be a small extra charge per waiting hour.
  • Please note that our boat is not suitable for people with special needs. Kindly let us know in advance.



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