Elafonissi + Kedrodassos + Vienna

Boat trip to Elafonissi

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Trip Description

A boat trip, boat ride to West, Elafonissi + Kedrodassos + Vienna beach.

Middle Stops

  • Kedrodassos beach (a secluded beach)
  • Vienna beach (also known as Krios lake)

These middle stops are optional but highly recommended. There are also other possible middle stops, but you can visit them by car or on foot

The duration is approx 4 hours., but it may be extended depending on the season and upcoming tours. Please inquire in advance.

Top reasons to choose us

  • Early morning departures: We leave early in the morning to help you avoid mass tourism and crowds in Elafonissi.
  • Sunset late evening trips: Experience the beauty of the sunset while returning to Paleochora
  • Friendly and experienced captains, driving and act to make you comfortable and safe.

Tips, useful

  • Elafonissi is extremely crowded between 10:30-17:00.
  • Vienna and Kedrodassos beaches are secluded and do not have sunbeds or umbrellas.
  • There are two more beautiful beaches near Paleochora called Grammeno beach and Psilos Volakas beach. Since they are located nearby, easile accessible, so we strongly recommend visiting them by car or on foot. However, if you wish to visit them during our tour, we will be glad to accommodate your request. Just make sure to manage your time wisely. The captain will provide suggestions.

Additional notes

  • We provide basic snorkeling equipment for free, such as masks, etc.
  • The captain usually has soft drinks and water on the boat. However, it is highly suggested to bring your own food and drinks as well. Our boats have a refrigerator.
  • There is a small cabin with two very small beds. It is useful for changing clothes, etc. If any child or older person needs to take a nap, you may use the cabin (no linen is provided). Please note the cabin rules and regulations. The main rule is that it is not allowed to enter wet the cabin.
  • Further extension of time is possible upon request, depending on upcoming trips. If possible, there may be a small extra charge per waiting hour.
  • Please note that our boat is not suitable for people with special needs. Kindly let us know in advance.

The Paleochora – Elafonissi boat trip is the most popular due to its distance, affordable cost, and the famous beach of Elafonissi.

We do private trips at affordable price.
We try and so sometimes semi-private trips, depending on the demand.
Check for more info for semi-private trips from Paleochora to Elafonissi or contact us.

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