Let’s go for a boat ride around Paleochora

We can be of service to a very small group of people for a private or semi-private boat ride to the nearby beaches of Paleochora and South Crete. You will enjoy the sea, relax, sunbathe and swim in either crowded beaches or secluded smaller coves.

Elafonisi and Kedrodassos

A minimum 4 hour trip from Paleochora to Elafonissi, Kedrodassos, Vienna.

The most common beach destinations are Vienna and Kedrodassos west of Paleochora as well as Lissos and Sougia to the east. Long stop over for around 2 hours to enjoy swimming and sunbathing in famous Elafonisi.


Half of full day boat trip from Paleochora towards Loutro

You will enjoy the sea, relax, sunbathe and swim in either crowded beaches or secluded smaller coves.
We would happily take you further east to the marvellous beaches of Sfakia region, such as infamous Domata, Marmara, Lykos, and Loutro beaches.


Enjoy the Difference

Explore inaccessible beaches near Paleochora and South Western Crete!


Why not try fishing?

Catching fish is a difficult task in our waters but, we have the experience so why not try it out!
Flexible timetable

Prices for boat ride / transfer / fishing, including long stop.

The captain and the boat are officially licensed by the Greek Port Authorities and we apply all standards of safety on the board.

Lissos - Sougia - Gialiskari

€ 280private trip for 4 people
  • Paleohora to Lissos, Sougia beach
  • 20 min. distance
  • Stop to Gialiskeri on return
  • Return to Paleochora
  • 4 hours boat ride


€ 290 for a family of 4private trip
  • Paleohora to Elafonisi beach
  • 2 short stops (Vienna, Kedrodassos) optionally
  • 25-30′ distance
  • You choose where to stop
  • 4+ hours boat ride
  • Avoid the crowd (visit Elafonissi when it is not busy)
  • Small discount if 2 people (Sept,Oct,Nov 2022)


From € 460private ride
  • Paleohora to Loutro
  • 1 hour  distance
  • Long stop to Loutro
  • 7 and  more stop to nearby beaches
  • Return to Paleochora
  • 7-8 hours boat ride
  • Unique experience

Squid Fishing

€ 160 (4 people)Squid Fishing around Paleochora
  • August, September
  • From 21:00 till 23:00
  • 2 hours  (extension is possible)
  • Any squids you catch, are yours to take.
  • If 2 people: total 110 €
  • Unique experience

Private or semi-private boat trips

Departure / Return point: Paleochora

Booking is needed