Semi private trips

Semi-private trips are difficult. Need 4 or 5 people to be confirmed and some time to take care. We travel by a maximum of 8-9 people in order to be comfortable.
Contact us via whats app. We will ask your dates, how many people are you with, and send you options.
Options and cost is variety, from 40 Euro per person (transfer) till 140 Euro per person (luxury boat, semi-private trip to Loutro). It depends on the destination, the stops, the date and the boat.
We try to match your needs and interest in order to have the bigest possibly experience.
We have also created a what’s app group for a better communication.
What’s app is mandatory for semi-private trips.
Join us, contact Nikos at whats app +306957500566, or use the website widget on the upper right of the screen.

Requests for Semi private trips | Sept. Oct. 2023 | Elafonissi, Kedrodassos, Vienna

65,00  4.5 hours Per person

Minimum: 4 people needed to do the trip
Maximum: 8 people
Price per person: 65-70 Euro, depending the boat and how many people totally are

1) Early in the morning (leaving maximum at 08:30 am). Skip the crowd plan. We leave early in the morning in order to see Elafonissi not crowded. Later, when it starts to be very busy, we leave to secluded beaches.

  • Elafonissi
  • Kedrodassos
  • Vienna beach

2) Alternatively, the reverse. Leaving around 15:30 and return at the sunset. You see the sunset at the boat while returrn to Paleochora. In this case we first go to secluded beaches, later at Elafonissi while it starts to be not so crowded.


Booking is needed in advance. Book via platform / website or text us at whats app/viber +306957500566.
A minimum of 4 people needed to do the trip.

Use the what’s app button at your bottom right of your screen


Koursaros 2 - travel

Posidon - luxury

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