Loutro – Info about the BoatTrip to East, towards Sfakia area


About the trip

The most popular itinerary is East, to Loutro and towards Sfakia Area. Many travelers prefer to do 6-8 stops till Loutro and some of them dinner in Loutro. There are a dozen of beaches towards Loutro, most of them are secluded, and not accessible by car.
It is a full day trip. We strongly suggest leaving from Paleochora around 08:30am. The duration is ussualy 8-9 hours. 

INFO [East]  middle stops are optionally

Note: There are a dozen of beaches East. Middle stops are optional. You decide on boat, where to stop and for how long time. It is your private trip.

Paleochora – a cave – Lissos – Sougia – a suprise bath – Tripiti beach – Domata – a cold surprise beach – Roumeli – Agios Pavlos – Marmara/Likos/Finikas – Loutro  [ EAST]

* There is a very nice and quiet place in the east of Paleochora, little before Sougia called Lissos, also reachable only on foot.
Lissos used to be famous for the Asclepion, its healing thermal baths where patients used to visit. There is an ancient mosaic fllor with beautiful patterns, a Roman cemetery and the remains of an ancient theatre.
Lissos beach is not an organized beach.
* Next stop and is Sougia.
Organized beach, many cafes/bars e.t.c.
The beach is long (approx 1.5 km). It starts from the jetty to the west, with available umbrellas and sun beds and ends in a lovely secluded cove without the above facilities.
* Next stop is a surprise cold bath.
Next stop Tripiti beach (not organised)
* Next stop might be Domata beach (not organised),
* a secret place between Domata – Agia Roumeli,
* Agios Pavlos (Sfakia area),
* Marmara/Lykos/Finikas (3 different beaches, very close each over)
Loutro which is suggested for dinner. There are many restaurant options.

You could also do the trip on reverse or mix.


OFFER and  PAYMENT (Loutro)

In cash to the captain the day of the trip.
We might ask a prepayment of 15% a week before the trip.
Price for 2 = 350 Euros via boat Koursaros 1
Price for 3= 400 Euros via boat Koursaros 1
Price for 4 = 450 Euros via boat Koursaros 1
Prices for boat Koursaros 2 (new boat) are slightly increased than Koursaros 1
Contact us for price for 5 people or more
Please contact us for other destinations than Loutro.


* We provide basic snorkeling equipment for free (such as masks e.t.c.)
* The captain usually has soft drinks and water on the boat. It is highly suggested to bring your own food/drinks too.
* There is a shadow which cover 50% of the space of boat when we travel. When we stop, it has a mechanism and it covers full area of passengers.
* There is a small cabeen with 2 very small beds. Many kids usually sleep there.
* You could also check the map following this link-> https://www.boattrip.gr/map/
* Itineraries, destinations and prices -> https://www.boattrip.gr/itineraries-and-prices/
* Extension to main destination might be possible. Please ask the captain. (costs 15 euro/extra hour waiting)
Please let us know, and feel free to ask for any info